I’ve worked with Studio Pattern the entirety of my career as a marketing professional. Not only have Amy, Brittany, and the rest of the team patiently guided me past the worst of my “green” mistakes, they have consistently provided sound advice and beautiful concepts for any project I could envision. Studio Pattern continues to play a pivotal role in maintaining our organization’s brand and aesthetic. Their strong attention to detail, tremendous grasp of emerging trends, and cheerful demeanors never cease to amaze and keep us always coming back for more.

Anthony Lonn, Marketing Manager
American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordination

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Denver Police Crime Lab Signage

If you drive down 14th Ave every day (like Brittany does), you might have noticed a new building pop up and open this summer—the Denver Police Crime Laboratory, at 14th and Cherokee. Zigzagging along its façade are organic window elements inspired by DNA helixes, as seen in the photo above.

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Still feeling like fireworks and hot dogs, watermelon and corn on the cob? Well, Independence Day doesn’t have to be over yet. See through today’s downpour (at least here in Denver, where we desperately needed it) to the best holiday Summer has to offer with this little Americana profile from FontShop. We really enjoyed reading about this American designer, whose works we use all the time.

Here are a couple less-well-known options he designed, for your next American project.


Heavyface Italic

Goudy Saks

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Guilloches are reminiscent of the shapes you may have made as a child with your Spirograph. As you started drawing with your pen carefully clicked into this gear-based toy, you couldn’t really see where the design was headed, but by the time you had gone around the entire shape, it was a really interesting medallion you could never have thought up or drawn by hand. I used to play with mine for hours, with the brutal pen pressure only a 10-year-old can inflict. There are permanent Spirograph designs etched into my parents’ dining room table.

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Liquid Art: the Bad-ass B3K Can

Well, time really got away from me on this one. It’s been a couple months now since we press-checked Wynkoop’s B3K Black Lager can at Ball. It has been so exciting to see these gorgeous cans start showing up in 6-packs at local liquor stores like my favorite, The Grape Leaf. This can, with a revamped version of the beloved B3K logo, marks the beginning of a new line of more modern, clean and—dare we say it—more bad-ass cans for Denver’s first brewpub. Let us know what you think and make sure to drink lots of B3K this summer!

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