I’ve been impressed with the depth to which Amy and her staff go to understand the intricacies of a project, its goals and audience to ensure the end piece is more than elegantly designed—it is truly functional, engaging and effective. The team effort really adds to project ROI.

Dee Robinson
Marketing Communications Solutions

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As a marketing consultant, I was introduced to Studio Pattern two years ago by a client. I brought them to other clients because they do great work, are extremely professional and easy to work with—and most importantly, meet deadlines with high quality creative output.

Teresa O’Keefe
Xena Consulting

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Nothing is more relevant these days than healthcare and healthy living. We’re well versed in wellness topics across the board—with Pattern, you don’t have to explain the concept of a “medical home” or “anaerobic training”.

Selected Clients:

Form Personal Training
Medical Group Management Association
University Physicians
Village Clubs

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