I’ve worked with Studio Pattern the entirety of my career as a marketing professional. Not only have Amy, Brittany, and the rest of the team patiently guided me past the worst of my “green” mistakes, they have consistently provided sound advice and beautiful concepts for any project I could envision. Studio Pattern continues to play a pivotal role in maintaining our organization’s brand and aesthetic. Their strong attention to detail, tremendous grasp of emerging trends, and cheerful demeanors never cease to amaze and keep us always coming back for more.

Anthony Lonn, Marketing Manager
American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordination

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Studio Pattern and Symplified create a scary, slick infographic

With jarring colors and a set of interesting evil robots, we brought visual impact to this alarming set of statistics and are helping Symplified get it shared around on the internet. Here’s hoping it makes some waves!

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Wynkoop, Flobots Raise $ for Cole School

Pattern just received the exciting news that our friends at the Wynkoop are partnering with the Flobots, the awesome Denver-based band, to raise money for arts programs at a deserving Denver school. Read more for the details—and how you can help!

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Typography Series #1: Aeron

In college, my understanding of typography, as well as my tastes, were refined. Among many other things, I learned that I passionately hate the ubiquity of Futura. I don’t necessarily hate Futura itself—it serves its purpose—but many students of the Swiss schools of design (of which my alma mater Arizona State University is a descendent) use it indiscriminately, as if it’s the only font that is worthy of their minimalist, grid-based designs. I cringe looking through student work that uses it, because I know students are using it as a “safe” choice—one their professors won’t censor. And many of those students, never told otherwise, grow up to use Futura for everything they do in their professional careers as well. This drives me batty.

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Symbols you never new the name of

Well, suffice it to say that because I’m such a nerd (Lynne Truss’s Eats, Shoots and Leaves sends me into paroxysms of laughter anytime I crack it open) I was amazed to find several entirely new words for familiar typographical symbols in yet another favorite book, Robert Bringhurst’s Elements of Typographic Style. I thought I’d share the best of them with you below, and offer some explanation as to how they came to be.

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