The Wynkoop logo has come a long way from the brewery’s start in 1988. In the early 1990s, the logo was simplified to just the main type. While it was a big step in the right direction, there were still major issues with the logo. By 2013, people had taken to calling this the “frowny face logo” because of its prominent downward curve. The logo also had typographical issues including a dated and overused font, super fine lines, misalignment, and more. The mark was not working well in small sizes on cans and this became a big problem as the Wynkoop emerged as a leader in the canning movement.

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I’ve worked with Studio Pattern the entirety of my career as a marketing professional. Not only have Amy, Brittany, and the rest of the team patiently guided me past the worst of my “green” mistakes, they have consistently provided sound advice and beautiful concepts for any project I could envision. Studio Pattern continues to play a pivotal role in maintaining our organization’s brand and aesthetic. Their strong attention to detail, tremendous grasp of emerging trends, and cheerful demeanors never cease to amaze and keep us always coming back for more.

Anthony Lonn, Marketing Manager
American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordination

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True Nature Healing Arts

In January of 2013, Pattern was invited to Carbondale, Colorado, by True Nature Healing Arts co-owners Deva and Eaden. The main agenda of the trip was to learn the vision Deva and Eaden had for the future branding of True Nature Healing Arts.

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We want you to know we think the drafts are very sharp and professional. You are doing great work. Your work is very valuable to us because it helps us tell our story. We appreciate you and Studio Pattern. :)

Alysa McManus, Program Director
Upstream Impact 

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Beer Mat Testimonial

Recently, we created a new Beer Mat that sits on tables at the Wynkoop Brewing Company. It encourages patrons to order up one of three “trains” of five sample-sized beers—expertly coordinated tastes that give an overview of the range of beers Wynkoop brews. Each train features a seasonal, limited-release selection that currently ranges from Elitch’s Orchard Wheat and 1892 Artesian Lager to Brittany’s favorite, Belgorado.

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