Art Director, please.

We are looking for someone who can work as a freelancer to start (20hrs / week), and who would like to transition to full-time (36-40hrs / week) in the next 3–4 months.

We are looking for someone who:

• has 10+ years of work experience

• can communicate professionally with clients

• works well with others

• is a big picture thinker

• is well organized

You will:

• own projects (project management and design)

• do 80% print design, 20% screen design skills

• help direct and review the work of mid-level designers

• work in our office

As an employee, we offer paid health insurance, retirement match, PTO days and holidays, 1/2 day Fridays, and sometimes there is beer in the fridge.

Please send an email to employment [at] studiopattern [dot] com explaining why you are a good fit, your work history and a link to your work samples. Please do not send attachments over a few mb.

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Studio Pattern and Symplified create a scary, slick infographic

With jarring colors and a set of interesting evil robots, we brought visual impact to this alarming set of statistics and are helping Symplified get it shared around on the internet. Here’s hoping it makes some waves!

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Beer Mat Testimonial

Recently, we created a new Beer Mat that sits on tables at the Wynkoop Brewing Company. It encourages patrons to order up one of three “trains” of five sample-sized beers—expertly coordinated tastes that give an overview of the range of beers Wynkoop brews. Each train features a seasonal, limited-release selection that currently ranges from Elitch’s Orchard Wheat and 1892 Artesian Lager to Brittany’s favorite, Belgorado.

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Denver Police Crime Lab Signage

If you drive down 14th Ave every day (like Brittany does), you might have noticed a new building pop up and open this summer—the Denver Police Crime Laboratory, at 14th and Cherokee. Zigzagging along its façade are organic window elements inspired by DNA helixes, as seen in the photo above.

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Still feeling like fireworks and hot dogs, watermelon and corn on the cob? Well, Independence Day doesn’t have to be over yet. See through today’s downpour (at least here in Denver, where we desperately needed it) to the best holiday Summer has to offer with this little Americana profile from FontShop. We really enjoyed reading about this American designer, whose works we use all the time.

Here are a couple less-well-known options he designed, for your next American project.


Heavyface Italic

Goudy Saks

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