Village Clubs

Since 2006, Pattern has been the agency of record for the Village Clubs, a chain of up-scale health clubs in Phoenix, Arizona. We developed a flexible color and typography scheme to draw all parts of the brand together—from various in-club collateral and traditional stationery to posters, print and on-screen ads, and a quarterly magazine.

Because the Village Clubs offer so much more value than their competitors, it was important to portray a significant sense of quality and variety in their advertising collateral. Building on their tagline, “Life’s Better at the Village” we created materials that highlight their most effective selling points.

The newspaper ads got we developed prompted enthusiastic responses from members, potential members and even business partners. The series ran for almost a year, refreshed by new color schemes, photos and variations on the theme.

Pattern recently redesigned the Village stationery system as well. The letterhead includes all four club addresses to save on printing costs. It establishes a new treatment of the bouncing ball from the Village logo, which we carried throughout the other pieces of the identity. The ball is always orange, while the complimentary color changes depending on which piece of stationery you’re looking at.

In-club menus were customized to each of the clubs’ cafes, which sell healthy and fun-to-share food. The fresh, tantalizing image of lettuce on the cover was selected to whet the palates of health-conscious customers.

See our Testimonials section to hear from our friends at the Village.

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