Studio Pattern is a print and web graphic design firm located in Denver, in the Santa Fe Arts District. The studio was founded in 2003 by Amy Kenreich. We have been certified as a Minority/Woman Business Enterprise (M/WBE) and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) since 2009. Download our M/WBE certification here.

About the name? At its core, branding is a “pattern” of touches that motivate an audience to remember a certain message. Patterns are found in nature, in technology and in language. They’re repeatable, and the successful use of them is what makes up any memorable brand. On a more personal note, patterns are related to Amy’s family history. Her great great uncle, Charles Burchfield,was a well-known watercolor artist in the Northeast. Since he was known for his distinctive patterned illustrations of sounds as well as movement, Burchfield’s legacy lives on in the name Studio Pattern.

who we work with:

We work with businesses on both the local and national level. Our clients enjoy an open dialogue with the studio—an open door policy when it comes to our process. We believe design shouldn’t be a mystery and that the final product is improved with more client input. Our specialty is maximizing marketing efforts—that means being knowledgable about the particular industry and sending a creative message to the right audience.

We serve a diverse group of industries that match our interests and our skill-sets.

Breweries & Restaurants
Healthcare & Fitness
Signage & Architectural
High-tech & Corporate

studio culture:

We’ve learned that happy employees and happy clients are a recipe for success. Pattern provides a healthy environment that allows designers to grow, both inside and outside of work. With a strict policy of paying employees for all hours worked (no unpaid overtime here), our goals are to be efficient with our time, be creative in our thinking and to stay relevant. We stop work at 12 on Fridays to focus on other creative pursuits.

get to know us:


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