Beer Mat Testimonial

Beer Mat Testimonial

Recently, we created a new Beer Mat that sits on tables at the Wynkoop Brewing Company. It encourages patrons to order up one of three “trains” of five sample-sized beers—expertly coordinated tastes that give an overview of the range of beers Wynkoop brews. Each train features a seasonal, limited-release selection that currently ranges from Elitch’s Orchard Wheat and 1892 Artesian Lager to Brittany’s favorite, Belgorado.

As a testament to the power of the printed piece, Wynkoop’s bartenders are apparently ready to strangle us. But it sounds like a good problem to have. Listen to the gleeful congratulatory voicemail we got from beer man Marty Jones, below:

The piece uses scans of authentic stitched leather coasters from Brittany’s house. Her son Jonah likes to chew on them and usually crawls around with one in each hand so he can slide on the carpet. Just a little trivia to contemplate as you sip your tasty Patty’s Chile Beer—after you finish your Two Guns Pilsner, that is, and before your St. Charles ESB, Mile Hi.P.A., and tasty seasonal!

And if you particularly like one of your sample beers, do the Koop bartenders a favor and order a whole pint of it next time you’re in.

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