Studio Dogs

Studio Dogs

Here in the office, we have a tradition of bringing small dogs in to keep our laps warm. Actually, they aren’t very good at that—pretty squirmy really—but they are fun to have around. There are three that make a regular appearance. Patrick brings in Oscar, a friendly little furball that would really like that yogurt cup when you’re done with it. And then there are Amy’s Max and Mira, tiny Italian Greyhounds, who have a lot of personality but tend to be quiet most of the day. Amy’s lap is their first choice but if she for some reason won’t let them up, they come after Brittany. As a last resort, Max will try snuggling up to Eric. We had to take a photo of the result, because it will probably be a sight rarely seen at this office—like an empty dishwasher, anyone here after 5:03, or most of Brittany’s desk surface.

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